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21st July 2024

Rodents - Mice and Rats

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Rodents - Mice and Rats

What they do:

  • They spread disease to humans through their urine and droppings; e.g. Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease) / Salmonella
  • They cause sicknesses and sometimes death through parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms.
  • Cause extensive structural damage to properties like doors, skirting boards, books, food storages, upholstery, electrical equipment and wiring etc as a result of their uncanny gnawing through just about anything and everything.
  • Spoil and Contaminate food with their droppings or urine.
  • They are known to bite humans


At Keensbury Environmental, we will employ our (IPMS) Integrated Pest Management Systems to deal with the problem; the tailored solutions will be designed to target the pests; every job we do begins with a thorough Risk Assessment, this is done to ensure Your safety, the safety of our Pest Technicians and the protection of the Environment. We not under any circumstances compromise on those.


We start  with

-          Risk Assessment

-          Inspection / Survey

-          COSHH Assessments

-          Treatment Solutions

-          Proofing Solution

-          Recommendations / Customer Education

-          Revisits - Monitoring / Reviews


We use the latest technology to detect the presents of rodents in your properties during our surveys, once the rodent has been identified, the type / identity confirmed, next we determine the extent of infestation, we then proceed to track the nests with the latest available means and knowledge of their biological behaviours, then the entire treatment program begins.


Treatment Solutions


We put a treatment solution in place to deal effectively with the rodents, through our IPM, a combined approach solution which includes:-


  • Baiting - We will set up rodent bait stations at various strategic locations in and around your properties. The rodent bait stations securely hold the bait within the station, this ensures that the possibilities of secondary poisoning of non-target species are significantly reduced. There are numerous ‘Formations’ of baits, the type of formation used is determined by the location of the pest infestation, customer’s needs, health and safety considerations and other factors.
  • Rodenticides
  • Traps - Specially designed traps can be used where baits cannot be effectively implemented.
  • Tracking Powders - In certain situations / circumstances, it may be expedients to deploy tracking powders, this will be determine by our inspections and survey, it goes without saying that everything treatment we use, you as the customer will be fully involved in the decision making process..



Once the presence rodents has been detected in properties, before we even begin any treatment solution, we will first begin the process of proofing your premises to ensure all available points of entry are sealed off, this includes blocking all holes, putting wire mesh over holes / pipes and putting bristles at the bottom of doors, and in some rare cases it might be necessary to replace doors altogether.




Before our Pest Technicians leaves your premises, we will give guidance and recommendations to make sure those pest do not return to your premises to cause nuisance and create havoc to your properties’ some of the recommendations might include:-

-          Effective Proofing which is discussed above.

-          Hygiene program

-          Good housekeeping

-          Habitat Environmental Management

-          Stock Rotation

-          General Pest Control Measures / Education


Revisits – Monitoring & Reviews


Once we have completed the above processes, we will agree dates and times with you when will return to inspect the baits and progress of the treatment solution; within these visit, we will determine if the chosen approach is effective within a reasonable period by which we expect to see results, if not effective we will apply a different solution but if the first solution is effective, this will be a time to keep monitoring and with a few visits remove all the bait stations and continue on a regular visits to monitor your premises depending to your Service Level Agreements (contracts).

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