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25th June 2024

Electrical P.A.T Testing

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Electrical P.A.T Testing

PAT Testing Service


Portable Appliance Testing, otherwise known as PAT, involves the testing of electrical equipment that includes detachable leads and plugs. A good proportion of fires are caused by faulty electrical Appliances, most of which can be prevented by a simple test – We say… Protected Your Employee, Protect Your Business!


Why Should You Do PAT Testing?


There are numerous reasons why Portable Appliance Testing should be done regularly this includes but not limited to:-

  • Legal requirement under the:



-          Health and Safety At Work Act 1974

-          The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

-          The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

-          The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

-          The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

  • Protect and provide a safe working environment for you, your employees and customers
  • Protect your livelihood, avoid seeing all your hard work in smoke
  • To Ensure all your Portable  Appliances are in good working condition





Portable Appliance Testing is a preventative action, identifying unsafe and ineffective operations before they occur.


What Do We Test?


We test all your Electrical Appliances (PAT Testing). This  includes a wide range of testing types, depending upon what is being tested and its specific characteristics (e.g. age and use). Some types include the Leakage Current Test, Insulation Resistance Test, Type Test, Bond Test, Earth Resistance Test, Earth Continuity Test, Screen Test, Polarity Test and RCD Trip Time Test. Plugs, Leads and Plug Fuses are also tested.


When Should You Test Your  Equipment?


The legal requirement by law is all Portable Appliances must be tested at least once a year; ideally they should be checked regularly depending the frequency of use, age, natures of  the business operations’ in a busy industrial factory, it is advisable to check the equipment on a daily basis visually before use. PAT Testing should be conducted at regular intervals, depending upon the type of device / devices that are being tested. If the environment in which the appliance is working, such as around heat or moisture, or perhaps it is being used a lot, testing should be more frequent to ensure safety.


Because Portable Appliances are present in both commercial and residential areas, it is strongly recommended that homeowners and landlords also conduct regularly PAT testing. This will help protect your family and tenants from danger due to unsafe devices. At the end of every job we will leave your with a report which will include a list of recommendations and health & safety advice.


We carry out a PAT professional testing service during your business hours with minimum fuss and disruption to your business operations, we work around you. At KSS we pride ourselves on professionalism and quality of service.


At Keensbury PAT Testing Service, we offer a long term service solutions for your business, or one offs as well as Ad hoc’s; We do whatever suits your business needs. We want to be partners in your business success and growth.

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