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25th June 2024

Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Services

High Level Window Cleaning


Recent Health and Safety legislation has made the use of ladders for cleaning windows cost prohibitive so our Pole Reach & Wash system provides a very cost effective alternative.

The high Reach System utilises reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure water. When used in window cleaning, the de-mineralised water will strive to return to its natural pure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals attached to the window surfaces.

This system enables the operator to work safely at ground level, and also reach previously inaccessible areas.

High Level Cleaning

Keensbury Support Services can provide a high level cleaning service to Commercial and Industrial sites, for example: factories, schools, shopping centre's, airport lounges, railway stations, etc.

We can reach ledges, pipes, air blower ducting etc, which may previously been inaccessible unless hydraulic lifts or aluminium platforms were used. Because no towers or platforms are used this help us reduce the cost.

Our high level vacuuming system will enable us to remove dust, debris, and cobwebs up to 48 feet. We have a video camera mounted on the vacuum tube and monitor with the operators; this enables us to see what is being cleaned which is very helpful when cleaning up to this height.

Our operators perform this work from ground level adhering to all Health & Safety legislation. All operators are fully trained and have Eclipse clothing for instant recognition.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Clearing, one job overlooked because it's hard to get to. Clogged rain guttering can cause long term damage creating big problems and expense.

At Keensbury Support Services we take the hard work out of gutter maintenance for you . We have a video camera mounted on the vacuuming tube and monitor with the operator, this enables us to make sure that gutter is completely cleared.

The main reason for clearing gutters is to making sure the rainwater flows smoothly to the ground and away from your walls and foundation.

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