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25th June 2024

Bird Control

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Bird Control

Make your properties a No Fly - No Perch - No Foul - No Nesting Zone!


Protect your properties from pest birds; the mess, foul and the nuisance they make and proofing from nesting to protect your properties from damages and health risks that can result from pest bird infestation.


Apart from the physical damages / aesthetics done to your properties, at Keensbury, we help you met your legal obligations, especially for those businesses in food production,, manufacturing and preparation


We employ and Integrated Pests Management System to bird control, ensuring every strategy and process we use are approved in line with current legislations, we use are environmentally friendly processes and equipment to ensure it does not cause any hard to the birds. The aim of our integrated pest management is using a combined approach to solving and preventing pest infestation.


Our integrated pest management strategy and service includes –


-          Use of Repellents

-          Habitat Alterations

-          Ingestible Controls

-          Use of Birds of Prey

-          Bird Trapping - Caging

-          Bird Proofing - Netting

-          Physical controls - Spikes

-          Electronic controls - Wires & Scarers 

-          Cleaning gutters containing bird faeces


Keensbury Environmental Services will carry out a detail survey, investigate the problem and identify the strategic solutions to dealing with the problem; our solutions do not including shooting or killing the birds . Our trained Pest Control Technician and Specialist will conduct regular inspections on your properties after treatments and equipment installations to evaluate the success of  the strategy.


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