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25th June 2024


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Quality Management Policy Statement


At Keensbury Support services, 'Quality' is an integral part of everything we do and it's part of our core Business strategy and principles, we are 'Customer' focused. This strategy and principles guides our action to deliver services that are safe, compliant and preferred by our customers; these principles are essential part of achieving our ambition to 'Exceed our Customers Expectations' every time. Our Quality Management Policy is line with the ISO 9001 standards.


We are absolutely determined and  committed never to compromise on Quality or Safety, compliant on Laws and Legislations relating to quality of service. This requires everyone in our team including employees and sub-contractors to be engaged and to understand their responsibilities in achieving our quality objectives, we empowered them to take action that will protect our customers and our brand name.


As a company we continue to push and challenge ourselves to improve Quality Management Systems which is reviewed on a regular basis to promote Quality and Safety, we put measures in place to prevent accidents and continue to improve on Quality of Service.



We provide a 'Customer Job Satisfaction' form at the end of every job, this also includes a feedback section so we know where and what to improve on. We also provide a 'Quality Plan' covering the full scope of our work.


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At Keensbury Support Services we take a holistic client centred approach to Facilities Management; we work with pride and passion. We do things the right way, the first time every time. Everything we do is built around our customers. We provide an Integrated

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